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We arrived in San Jose after two long flights. When we left the airport we had to take a taxi to the bus stop downtown. These people are some crazy drivers, motorcycles zip in between the cars while traffic is bumper to bumper. And the whole way to the bus stop it smelled like diesel and dirty feet!!! the Bus stop isn't the best looking place and we went to the office to buy a ticket but it was closed. An officer told us to buy the ticket on the bus. While waiting at the bus station with all of our luggage we met a really nice costa rican named hairul. He told us what we should do and how to get around Manuel Antonio. He owned a little bar, Republic Lounge, in Quepos not far from Manuel Antonio. We were suprised by a bum that was a deaf, I think, because he gave us a slip of paper and wanted either food or money. He then tried to beat me up because I wouldnt buy his bread, while sitting there another bum came up with a box, string, and a stick in his hand. He then started to play reggae music for everybody and singing "Dont worry, be Happy" He was actually very good considering he had no teeth.

The Bus trip took us almost 4 hours because we had the very last stop to our hotel. Our friend hairul invited us to his bar so we took a taxi into quepos(3000 colones, 6$). Our friend greeted us with enthusiasm and drinks, but I had to pay to get in, and christina got in free because it was ladies night. Good thing I was wearing my ACDC shirt, because some guys from wisconsin started talking to us. There were about 6 of them and they had a strong yankee accent, (Eh!) While we were sitting there talking, an older gentleman bought all of us a round of costa rican's finest beer, Imperial, which is very good. Then the guys told us that last night, someone got shot in the bar we were at, how crazy, but it wasn't a tourist. We decided to go down to a dance club and check it out. It was really cool. Lights, music, dancing, and a lot of latinos doing the salsa. We were a little tipsy so we decided to get something to eat right outside the club. It was good, pork chops, white rice, and black beans, mmmmm!! We were so tired we went back to our hotel, which had no tv or hot water, (you know us americans need our ammenites). We crashed and woke up early for our next adventure.

We came into to town in the moring to meet our new friends because they had a van and we were going to go surfing and snorkeling. But they ended up ditching us, I bet they were still passed out because they drank a lot more than we did. We ate a really nice cafe and had a bacon & egg cheese crossiant with fresh fruit, and granola with yogurt and fresh fruit, mmmm...delicous!! We caught a cab back to our hotel and got ready to hit the beach. It was only 500 meters from us. We checked out some souvieners and got ourselves a nice umbrella with some chairs (5,000 colones, 10$) After playing in the waves and catching some rays, we decided to rent some boogie boards. After a few hours we walked down to the rocks and started collecting seashells. We came across some tiny moving shells racing towards the water. We got hungry so we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We went to this awesome restaraunt with a great view, El Avion. They had taken a C-123 military aircraft and built a reastarunt around it and turned the plane into the bar. the food was great and the sunset was beautiful. We were wore out so we went into town to rent some movies. they have all the ones that are in theater in the U.S.

The next day we had a canopy safari booked for us. They came and picked us up at the hotel and we headed out into the depths of the jungle. After a 45 min ride on a very bumpy road, the costa rican massage, the tour gide showed us how the indian people get their henna ink. They take a leaf from a Tiki tree and mash it up and the resin that comes out is what they use for thier tatoos. But dont eat it it, very bad. There was a little hut where the safari started. The crew helped us with our gear and we started our adventure. We had to hike first, but we were able to zip, swing, and repel through the canopy of the rainforest. After a couple of hours we made it back to the hut , where there was a local lunch ready for us, which was awesome. AFter we got back we went and collect some more shells at sunset on the beach and ran into some capuchin monkeys picking there way through a tree full of fruit. We decided to go Italian for dinner and rented some more movies.

The next day we woke up to capuchin monkeys flying across the trees at our hotel. Apparently they dont like it when dogs bark so they came down to bark back at them. We then checked out all of the souviener shops on the coastline and spent all of our money. Christina's ATM card wouldn't work and I only had 8 dollars left. But we did have enough money to make it into Manuel Antonio National Park. All of the beaches we went to were magnificient. The water was clear green and the waves were huge, with rocks all around us. We hiked up Punta Catedral first to take some photographs, and after 75 meters we really wanted to hit the beach. After we cooled off and added to our tan we ate at Muswanni on the beach. Then we made our way back to the park and finished off the day there, relaxing, swimming, and collecting more seashells. We had to be sneaky becuause you are not allowed to take seashells from the park. Since we were running low on cash we had to come up with a plan. So we returned our movies to get our deposit back and tried another ATM in town, but the bank wouldnt let us take out money. So, we ended up running into our friend Hairul, and he let us come in have a few drinks. We asked him to charge my credit card and give us cash and he was more than happy. So, we were loaded down with enough cash and then some to make our way back to San Jose. We then ate at the Gran Escape that night and rented one more movie.

This morning we got up and got our bus ticket to San Jose(4 a.m.) We wanted to leave early so we dont miss our flight and get stuck here. We wouldnt mind but we miss our family too much. So today we will check out the Butterfly Gardens and finish our day off at the beach. We will be back, this place has too many things to see and too many things to do.

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